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Hi there. My name is Lana from. I did advise that. If you look at this video you've come here to find some tips to impress a Russian room. If you're going to date an old married one then you should learn and understand some simple things about Russian women. So here are seven best tips to impress irrational woman. The first one is that you should understand the mentality and priorities. There is a difference between the Russian women and women of other nationalities.

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We dress up all day and night and we try to do this to be best but still. Home and Family is our priority number one. The next one is that you should look. You don't need to be IMO. But if he wears the rebels and their duty we won't forget you. The next one is that Russian women voters to whom they want to be perfect ever where they want to look perfect to be perfect at work to be governed twice but do you need such a strong man next to you.

Some Russian Call Girls Delhi don't want to be men as well so you should be supportive be caring and that she would make her own personal. Get out of you. Then the next thing is that you should be a romantic because Russian women have to get compliments and flowers. That's not good. And so you should tell her compliments to give her and who. Or there is some food from a restaurant and light some candles that would be perfect. Oh well the less tip is that Russian women love surprises. That's also true.

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But it doesn't mean that you have to spend a fortune on a diamond ring and on a string is okay. Looking for a rendezvous is quite okay as well. And the next to you is that you should be interesting. Russian women like older men just because they have more experience they have a lot to tell. So you should be interesting and funny on their first date and further down and the last two we have left is that you should treat her like a princess but just in case with Cinderella the money won't do everything for you.

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One day they won't be seen and they you'll be all alone. So you should be loving caring sensitive supportive strong and totally in love with her. I held this device will help you to make a better life. Awesome Day

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