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It Eric, this week we are talking about sensual massage. But before we do, I have one question for you. It is about sex, and sex toys are the answer yes. If so. Hit the subscribe button, and you'll get a brand new video every single week with the central Mahipalpur Massage. That is the art of relieving the tension and stress of your partner using your hands or products and AIDS. We have been massaging our partners for Russian girls for absolute centuries. We've been taking their stress and tension away with our fingertips. and I'm going to be giving you the top tips on how you can do that in today's modern world, but first. Let's talk about setting the mood of your romantic music cue dim light. Set the mood for you and your partner Massage service in Mahipalpur Delhi. Now, whatever that means to you. Would you please do it if that's dimming the lights? If that's putting on some music that's lighting candles, whatever it is. Make sure you do it. Now, this is also a pivotal time to check the temperature of the room you're in. There's absolutely nothing worse than settling down for a nice treat and feeling. Like you're really special lying down indulging in the massage. But then having your mind wander left to right and centre because you're too cold or you're uncomfortable.

So make sure the room that you're in is nice and warm as well. Now it's not just your room that needs to be warm if you're using massage oil or massage candles or massage bars that may need to. Be warm because you don't want to be drizzling something like this on your Russian Massage in Aerocity. If it's cold so make sure that it's nice and warm as well. Remember that a little bit of oil goes a long way. So use it sparingly to start with, and remember you can always add more. Now it's not just you massage oil lotions and potions or whatever you're using. That should be nice and warm also well as your hands. I have really cold hands that always freeze things. So just giving them a rub doesn't work. So what I do is run them into warm water for a few minutes to make sure they're nice and warm. And I'm not giving my partner a massive cold shot when I first lay hands upon them.

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Russian Message Girls in Mahipalpur Now the amount of pressure that you use to start with is really up to you. But I recommend starting somewhere in the middle, so use a medium pressure, and you can gauge from your partner's reactions. You can ask them outright if it's not firm enough or too firm, and then you can adjust your grip accordingly. Oh, side note if you're using a massage candle like this one. Make sure you. Blow it out and leave it for a couple of minutes before you drizzle the wax on your partner. Otherwise, you run the risk of it being too hot. So could you give it a couple of minutes? Come on now and then drizzle from a height on your partner's skin smell so lovely. That Cherry will. Keep switching things up in your Erotic message girls in Mahipalpur. You don't have to keep the same pressure and the same movements throughout. You can mix it up. So keeping things exciting by employing the use of your fingertips. You can use these to brush over your partner's neck back gently. And shoulders and switch things off and keep things friendly and sensual. Expected not every single part of your message has to be deep and intense.

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You can mix the NGS up by using every last bit of your hands so fingertips. or you can use the flexible palms side of your hands. You can kind of your hands and use the sides of your knuckles to apply different sensations and different pressure. And if something works for your partner. Ask them to tell you, so you know for later reference, and you're massaging them again what works and what doesn't. The key to a good massage lies in these, yes, the thumbs, the two digits that can solve any message problem. They can also really start to ache after a little while, so if the classic emotion of this is starting to tie you. I suggest getting your hands on one of these plastic massages. They've got two different ends. Both spherical one poster one for their part and they have. A handy handle, and you can use these to apply as much or as little pressure really firm pressure as well. or you can use them to do nice little soft strokes. Mahipalpur Massage Center It's just one solid, simple thing, but it's versatile and can make a huge difference to your message, especially if you team this with something like some massage oil as well.

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if you want to take your Full Body Message to the next level and have a little bit of a spa therapy session, then invest in some of these. These are hot rocks or not hot at the moment, but they will be all you need to do pop them in a pint of water. Please bring it to a boil, and then leave it for a few minutes. Tip them output them on a towel, and then very, very carefully test them after a little while to ensure that they're hot but not too hot for your partner's skin. And then, you can use the rocks to massage, or you can lay them on different body parts and massage using your hands. It is up to you. It's also good to know that although the pebbles are quick to heat. They retain the heat for a long time. So you can indulge in a lengthy massage session, and your stones aren't going to go cold. Remember, sensual and erotic massage is a key part of human sexuality. It's a great way to bring you and your partner closer together. And it not only relaxes your body but it relaxes your mind as well. So what is not to love. So they have at the top tips on how to give an essential or erotic massage. If I've missed anything or if you have your technique that you want to tell me about, please pop it in my box below. If you like the video, give me a thumbs up. I do appreciate it. And if you want another one in your inbox every single week, hit that subscribe button. But in the meantime, if you want to watch another one right over them. Thank you so much for watching. I've been out of all night, and you've been watching the lemonade you gentlemen me.