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Hamas that is selling this article. When we talk about sex and dating in your teenage years now I know that it's super frowned upon to talk about sex when it comes to teenagers. But the reality is there are so many teenagers having sex so I just want to address something give you guys some advice. Because when I was a teenager I don't have anybody to talk to. I was on her loss doing whatever I did know what was going on I went to my friends and they didn't know what the hell was going on either so I just want to give you guys some tips that can help you in your dating endeavors. Fair warning some of these tips are going to be unconventional. They are not widely accepted by a lot of people. So I will be saying things you probably haven't heard of the video because other people want to be politically correct and tell you oh do they want to do the right thing. No, I'm a keep, Roach. Keep it a thousand so I'm going to give you guys my opinion. It ain't gonna be the norm. OK. And I'm going to preface this by saying all of these tips are going to be keeping in mind gender roles in our society. OK. The double standard. Teenage boys are expected to have raging hormones and be horny and chasing after Russian Call girls but girls are expected to keep their legs close bug phone books don't like it boys don't think about sex. That doesn't make sense we're all sexual beings. Girls get horny just like boys who get horny. I think a lot of double standards are just completely stupid I don't agree with a lot of them out they are super stupid and unfair but just keep in mind that as a young lady, unfortunately, you being associated with anything sexual you're going to be condemned.

People are so quick to want to call Girls in Delhi you with that whole for anything even if it's nonsexual you show too much cleavage. HALL You've been over the wrong way to pick up a pencil that you kids a boy. Oh like it's so stupid. So you have to move strategically so that you can avoid this. I'm also going to preface all of this by saying you should not just be out here that and pop and whether you are a girl or a guy you should not be promiscuous and having sex with as many people as you can and just being very sloppy that's not a good idea. It's not good for your emotional well-being especially if you're a girl. It's just not a good idea. And you can experiment with your sexuality without having to do that. Also obviously you should be using protection at all times. So many cities floating around here. Be smart to be safe to use protection. So now let's get onto the tips now tip number one. It's for the girls .

Ladies if you can help it I would highly suggest that you date and have sex with people who are not at your high school and or in your neighborhood. I recommend you traveling to other schools and other neighborhoods to talk to guys. This can save you a whole lot of embarrassment and help you avoid the stigma of being caught a hole for having sex with just one person. Like I've literally witnessed so many girls having sex with one guy and the whole school finding out everybody calling them a hole or condemning them and shaming them for having a sexual experience like it's really sad. And again I don't agree with it I think it's fucked up. Your best bet to avoid this is to travel. .

OK. You don't even have to have a car get on a bus go to people's football games. I used to always go to different schools football games because they were just pop and it was fun. So I would just go and try to go on to basketball games. I would go to different people's party. I would go into people's proms like you can venture out there and go visit other schools. A lot of your classmates are not going to do that. Most of them are going to just stick to their own school in their own neighborhood.

You venturing out you're going to meet a lot of new people. And you ain't got to worry about people all in your business and calling you a ho for expressing yourself sexually. This is very easy to do if you're in a big city in a small town. You might be shit out of luck. But if you want a big city this is very easy to do. Again this is not saying you should be traveling in different schools and thought and Bob and having sex with this dude at that high school and it's good to know you should not be doing that whatsoever that is not what I'm saying. I'm saying to keep your business under wraps so that people do not publicly shame you and make you feel horrible about yourself.

You want to keep your business as under wraps as possible and that is a good way to do it. And also it's part big in the sense that if you break up with somebody you don't have to keep saying. I have to like someone that I've to get you over here we broke up. Perfect. I got to see you know. I'm going to Oklahoma. I'm a stay at my school animal lovers of school. Now my first trip to my guys does not lie to these girls out here. OK if you don't want to be in a relationship you just want to have sex and have fun. You're young you're your teenager can be tied down then and it does not lead people on and lie to them is just fucked up. It's just not right. Don't be that asshole and just know that karma will come back and bite you in the ass. OK. Whether you believe in it or not it will come for you so you being shady to people you license girls and you know trying to be a little player or whatever you're trying to do it's not going to end well for you. OK. And you might come across the wrong girl to where you will regret that you play with them. I actually put up a story of my experience because I want that wrong girl.

OK. I was in a situation with somebody and it very well for them. OK. It just wasn't very pretty because they were playing with my emotions in line to me. It didn't end well. So my advice to you guys is upfront be honest. There are so many girls out here that would be willing to just hang out with you and have casual sex and just be friends. They will be fine with that you don't need to lie to girls and tell them oh I love you I want to be with you. We just want to have sex with them. Don't do that. Tip number two for the girls please do not try to get guys to like you by having sex with them. That is something I've seen so much and it really breaks my heart.

Looking back at how many girls were so misguided like they see a guy they like him and they thought oh he's the most popular guy he's so killed. So they feel like they can attract that guy by doing sexual favors for them by giving them head or having sex with them. Oh, then he'll like me trust me in the history of the world. There has never been a situation where a girl has had sex with a guy and that has made him like her. That is not enough. It's just not. He will get his nut off to be happy with that and keep him moving on.

If he doesn't like you he just doesn't like you since having sex with him or giving him a blowjob or a handjob or let him fall on your butt. That is not going to make him like you. Please do not mistake him showing sexual interest in you as him actually liking you and showing interest in who you are as a person they are two very different things so do not get caught up in that. Trust me you're going to end up feeling horrible about yourself afterward and that is the sure way to get caught a hall and have everybody in your business and everybody classifying you as the school that so do not do that. Tip number two for the guys in our best interests to practice approaching girls as much as you possibly can. It's just so funny because these tips are like night and day and it's so annoying but it's just how it is. This is how our society is. Is this how is lined up. Hey, I don't make the rules. I just got to move according to what's going on.

But Tip number two guys you want to make sure you are approaching women as much as possible because if you do not you are going to be one of these socially awkward men who are afraid to approach girls and talk to girls is not gonna end well for your day in the life in the future. Getting that practice in while your teenager is super crucial. There are so many older men who are super awkward and they don't know how to talk to a girl. They never get any women. They never have any success in dating for that reason. So your best bet is to practice practice practice. That's just how our society is set up. Men are the pursuer so you have to learn how to properly pursue sliding girls. Dams don't count that and not give you actual face to face social skills not even teach you how to approach women in person. You could be funny is got one line on Twitter on Instagram that only nothing when you actually see them in person and you look up were you stuttering and stumbling over your words. That is not cute. Women do not like that. Girls don't like that and you don't have to be the most confident or cocky dude and you do want to go too far in that direction anyway because being cocky that's not cute either that's very unattractive as well.

You don't have to have all this confidence but just have enough you know to be sure of yourself and the best way for you to do that is to practice approaching girls now in high school. My next tip for my ladies. That breaks my heart. So good luck in your sex life. But if you are one of those lucky women that end up having a great sex life you're able to orgasm. Great. Just know in the beginning it's not going to be like that. It may be the case. There may be some teenage girls out there having orgasms left to right. I honestly have never ever come across any is just the reality is just not good in the beginning. What it is is like the thrill and excitement of you having sex. Oh, I'm grown now and I'm doing what I saw in porn. That's mainly what people get off on.

It's just the concept of sex that really does something for the mentally but the actual physical sensation that they are feeling. It's just not that great. It's just man girl. So don't even worry about having sex in your teenage years because of anything good. Anyway, I lost my virginity at 16 and I literally was just having sex just to have sex because it made me feel grown and I thought it was cool because I saw it on TV and that is so stupid. Do not have sex without reason there are so many girls who are having sex just because of that and you try to convince yourself that you are having fun and that it feels good when you know damn well you're not receiving any direct pleasure from having sex. So just hold off on it as long as you can. It is a different story if you give them oral sex then I would stick to that. But you're trying to have actual sex like sex. It's not that great. Take it from me. It's not that great in the beginning. It takes a while for you to actually enjoy it. So I wouldn't even waste my time with the social politics of high school trying to worry about sex as a teenager I just wouldn't.

But if you're going to have sex any way I keep my first two tips in mind for sure so that you have a better experience. And number three from my fellas out there and this is also the most important for ya. Please please do not look support for sex tips do not. OK. It's OK to watch porn and get a general idea of how sex works but actually taking notes and trying to completely duplicate what you saw in porn is a no brainer. Is that it. That ain't it. That ain't it OK. Poor is fake get it is fake. Those are pay actors. That is not real life. Those random positions they are new and that rabbit fucking. That is just for porn. OK. They do things that are visually pleasing. They do things that people like to see. That doesn't mean that it translates into real life and that it actually feels good for the girl. You definitely want to be in communication with your partner.

You want to figure out what she likes what she does and like do magic all of your pointers from poor. You do not want to be one of those guys and if you keep that habit up you're going to keep doing that into your adult hood and you're going to have a lot a lot of unsatisfied women who are laughing at you behind your back. And now for my last tip, this is for girls and guys both do not take this dating thing too seriously when you're a teenager because unfortunately the chances of you stand with your boyfriend or stand with your girlfriend are extremely low. OK. Chances are you are not going to stay in that relationship or you're not going to see to date them patch the teenage years you're just not OK. And there are always people who come on these article and people make these statements.

I mean I I've been with my husband for 20 he is a man we met in high school. Congratulations you're a unicorn. That don't happen. OK. That does not normally happen is like zero point zero five percent. That's going to happen OK. Especially nowadays it's getting harder and harder to date. It is getting harder and harder for real relationships to survive. So if you're in your 20s or even 30s and you're still with your high school sweetheart. That was a long time ago. Things have changed things are very different with social media and diems and all types of different stuff. It's harder so the chances are even lower for the new generation coming in for their relationship to last and not to say that you can't be in a happy relationship in high school you can still be in a relationship and be happy and date people but just don't take it too far in your head because you are going to be devastated when your breakup in chance Brooke.

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But you know even if your own congrats go on to be happy you may be one of those very few unicorns out there that end up you know being with their high school sweetheart. But chances are you might. But as far as the day goes don't take it too seriously OK. You're going to have so many more fulfilling relationships and to your dog hood to where you are going to forget about these people from high school. I guarantee you are going to forget about them they're going to be nothing. You be like Oh my God. That leadership was so stupid you going to look back and laugh guaranteed. I've been in so many relationships as a teenager. I remember some of their names. That's how far removed I am from those relationships. I've dated people literally some for days. I think my short relationship with like three or four days like wouldn't even last throughout the whole school week like it was a mess. Also, keep in mind you always have to have sex with everybody you get in a relationship with like don't do that.

I was in so many relationships and I definitely didn't have sex with them like not even close. There were so many guys that women would get to that point. The relationship will last days or weeks or even a couple months wouldn't even get there so don't feel pressured or feel like you had to have sex with every single person you in a relationship with. Don't do that.

Hopefully, you use my tips. Hopefully, they work for you let me know if you do not have the sex you went away to marriage that is perfectly fine. Do that. OK. Stick to your guns. Do that. Don't let anybody pressure you into having sex. So that's it. Did you have any question? Lieberman comments down below and I got shoe I gotcha. All right I'll see you guys in the next article. That's.

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