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Escorts Russian Call Girls Near Delhi What about those eight ways to create sexual attention. I guess we all understand why sexual attention is a good thing right. And sexual attention together creates sexual attention. But when you break it apart you think about the world tension there. .

So tension is good. OK tension in the conversation is good. Now the problem is that most of our interactions in normal life. We try our best to avoid tension. You don't want to do that when it comes to Girls. So you need to get used to the idea of tension. So here are some ways of creating sexual tension when you're talking to a girl. Number one is the following. You want to establish touch early on touching her a little both pee on the shoulder for example that's a safe sex zone.Or just gently you know brushing up against her in some way accidentally as if by accident. Just a little bit of that can give Girls really tingly sensations and get them all excited about you know getting a little bit closer to you. Now you want to establish this early on so that you then don't have a big jump to when you actually do want to touch her in some way. Number two is something that sounds really obvious and yet most guys suck at this and that is strong eye contact. And by that I don't mean staring at a girl but that I mean just enjoying the process of looking in her eyes like there's something in there that intrigues you.And then look away. But when you look at her enjoy looking at her. OK. Most guys that kind of go Yeah you know who they avoid her eyes because oh my God. She might find out that they're attracted to her or that they're having sexual thoughts. You need to get comfortable with that and then you just need to look at her with enjoyment in your eyes. That by itself can create a lot of chemistry and a lot of sexual tension you'll see just try it out. My third strategy for creating sexual attention is to.

This sounds weird but to be there to really be there. Now I've had many years when I was never where I was supposed to be. My focus was always somewhere up in the air or in the past or in the future. You just need to be there. I don't know how to explain this but just to be able to breathe and be in the spot where you are. Your presence alone can often create sexual tension. If you're somebody who is just comfortable where they are and who is truly there. It can create sexual tension between the two of you. Because Girls can feel your presence. Number four is the following only turnover as much as you need to tell her if she asks you a question don't go on and on and on about yourself with every detail of the whole story. That is a great way to dissolve any mystery any interest any curiosity about you. Curiosity and attraction comes from there not being everything filled in. They need to be holes in your stories that she doesn't know yet. There needs to be some mystery around you. That's how you build intrigue which is very akin to sexual attention. Strategy number five. This is one of my favorites.

That's how you build intrigue which is very akin to sexual attention. Strategy number five. This is one of my favorites.Have this sentence in your mind. You want me. OK.You want me have this in your mind I'm going to just have it in my mind right now.How does that change me. Well it makes me feel like I'm having some sort of secret right. I'm looking like I know something about you that you don't know yet but you may not even be aware of or you know something like that. It gives me some sort of next level knowledge that I feel right now and I'm having a I'm already feeling more playful with the camera here right. Just because I'm thinking to the camera you want me have it in your mind at the back of your mind and see how it affects you. The six way to build sexual tension is to initiate things to be a leader. You take over. You move things in the direction that you want to. You decide that the two of you want to go somewhere that doesn't mean ignoring what she's saying but start to initiate things. It makes it feel like what it should feel like when you're having sex and it just magically sort of transmits itself to her that she started to think about things like that. If you are the one that's taking charge of situations it's much better than sitting there waiting for her to decide on things. That is the antithesis of sexual tension. OK. For her to take over. So learn to be a leader and move things along and initiate things. So the seventh way of building sexual tension is to use something called Push and Pull. You may have heard about it push and pull is basically pushing her away and then putting her in again or pulling her in and then pushing her away.
Actually the second one works even better. You can do this in different ways. You can do this with words you can do this physically. You can do this with your voice as well or you know with in terms of your body language. So literally if it was body language you would literally like you know get close to her and then pull up push her away. Yeah that will be pull push or you will push her away slightly and then grab her hand and pull her back again. Yeah that will be push and pull. So what does that do to a girl. Well it kind of creates this hot cold dynamic which is really interesting for a girl and really exciting. It's also very playful and also works really well in a sexual way because it creates this idea of sex as well. There's a lot of push and pull during good sex for Girls. If you wanted to do push push with words you might say something really sweet and then you might sort of verbally push her away a little bit. For example you might say well sometimes you look really sweet but I'm not sure I can trust you. That creates a lot of dynamics and sexual tension not something that people really struggle with is the eighth way to create sexual tension and then has to enjoy silences.
Sometimes there are silences. And what do guys do. They want to fill the silence. And when you fill the silence or the time a girl never has a chance to have that moment when she looks at you and you're looking at her and you both notice that you're looking at each other and you notice sexual attention and then because you're breaking it it can't linger for a second. Give a girl a chance to notice that she's attracted to you and it can happen in these moments of silence. So rather than breaking the silence and talking just look at her and enjoy looking at her. Like I said earlier when you have these silences those are great moments to take a hand or touch or you know even going for the kiss. OK. So silence is a great don't break them out of fear that there is a silence if you can enjoy it and let it linger there a little bit and just look it up and enjoy the process. That's gold. And it will massively ramp up attraction and sexual attention. Now if you enjoyed what I shared with you here in this article then you're going to love what I have for you on my Web site. I've just put the finishing touches on a article series that teaches you all about how to use conversation to attract and seduce Girls. You could do what I've just talked about here about creating sexual tension and sexual chemistry and all of that and turn Girls on In Conversation with actual words.

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