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Escorts Call Girls Aerocity, Delhi कॉल गर्ल , Russian,Foreigner,independent, whatsapp number A trip here from Russianescortservicesdelhi dot com teaching you how to get the girl while still being your genuine self. And today we're talking about how to get a girl to have sex with you. If you're a first-time watcher don't forget to subscribe to the channel because I'm putting out videos every week on how to get the girl how to avoid the friend zone and how to become your most attractive self and make sure you stick around to the end so you watch. Tip number three and an accurate tip number three I'm going to give you some free gifts but tip number three is really crucial.

One in two is a little bit more simple but three is what's really going to tie everything together. So it's going to be easy for you to get a girl to have sex with you. So I have three very important tips and let's start with number one. Number one in order to get a girl to have sex with you she must be attracted to you. OK. So I give a lot of advice on how to get a girl attracted to you. And I'm going to put a couple up here and here and here and you'll see some videos of how to get a girl attracted to you how to seduce a girl how to avoid the friendzone how to get out of the friend zone.OK, so that's very important. She has to be attracted to it. She has to like you. If that does not exist it is going to be pretty much impossible to have sex with any girl. OK. So tip number two is the beginning of getting physical with her. OK. So it's going to be pretty difficult for you to just start having sex with her without kissing without foreplay. These things are crucial crucial crucial to getting her turned on and to get her in the mood to have sex. OK.

Call Girls in Aerocity, Delhi कॉल गर्ल

So there's just no way that you're just going to jump from you to her clothes to now you're naked and all of a sudden you're having sex. Of course, things happen. And it could quickly escalate to that. But most of the time a girl needs to be desired is going to be turned on and that's going to be with a lot of kissing. So start getting good at kissing. Start getting good at foreplay. Start getting good at being able to physically turn her on because that's what's going to escalate and smoothly escalate.I should say to the point where you guys are starting to have sex. OK. Tip number three this is the one that no one's telling you but this one is like this secret key to being able to get a girl interested in having sex with you. OK. So it's all about. Being nonjudgmental. OK. So it's about practicing nonjudgmental. And while this is something you should be practicing in your everyday life it's going to be very important getting a girl interested in sleeping with you. OK. So let's go deeper into that.Why nonjudgmental. What does that mean? Sex is a very big deal for women. And you know that's why it seems like it's difficult to actually pursue a girl and have sex with her. Right. There are going to be very careful about the guy that they choose to have sex with. So obviously they're not going to be going around sleeping with guys who are going to do things like slut-shamed them. Right. That's calling them a slut calling them a whore. Calling them easy no girl wants to be known as that.

Russian escorts in aerocity

Right. So she wants to be with a guy and be with a guy sexually who's not going to judge her who's not going to make her feel bad the next day after having sex. Who's going to make her feel more desired than anything and not feel like she's some sort of horror that she was just used. So how can you practice being nonjudgmental with a girl? So how can you get her to know that you're not being judgmental? Well first of all very simple. Don't ever call a girl a slut call girl whore don't ever use those terms around her. Don't tell any stories about any girls that you've used or had sex with. Don't make her think that you're some sort of player. Don't you know I should say? Well, that's a lot of the don'ts. Well, let's go into the dos. So one thing that you can do is you want to make sure she understands that you're comfortable around the idea of sex. So if it comes up in conversation or maybe you're being physical with her you're flirting with it you're touching her sure that you're mature and comfortable.

So these are ways that are going to make her feel comfortable to be sexual and be physical with you. And when you guys get to that point where you're about to have sex make sure that you're not just focusing on you but you're focusing on you and her you're focusing on what's happening at that moment. Right. I'm always talking about presence. That's going to be really really crucial to getting her to feel even more comfortable and with you at that moment and stop you know some of that last-minute resistance. So like I said I have a free gift for you if you want to learn more about seduction being able to seduce a girl so that she'll have sex with you and you guys can form a great relationship.

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