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No matter if you're in a relationship or you just met a escorts call girls mahipalpur delhi for the first time. Kissing is so freakin important and I'm gonna tell you a quick story is going to happen to me a long time ago that really taught me this lesson. So this was probably around seven years ago when my first serious relationships and I remember when I was with my girlfriend at the time. And you know there'd be kissing and passing right you know the kiss on the cheek or the four ahead of the lips or whatever you know just a kiss that randomly happens throughout the day.So I remember I wanted to be very sweet and gentle very romantic. So a lot of times I'd give her a kiss and they'd be very very very soft. Again like I said on the cheek or the or the forehead or the mouth something like that or just be very very soft. And I remember towards the end of the relationship she would say to me you know Tripp I really hate it when you kiss me like that. My mind was blown I said What do you mean you hate it when I kiss you like Doug...

Why would you hate that? It's soft and gentle reminder. She does know sometimes I just want you to take me and boom just like give me a hard kiss a hard passionate kiss. And I was like whoa. So interesting. I completely thought the opposite. And of course now knowing what I know about being more masculine and dominant and that being attracted to a female that's an exact example of that being able to take a escorts girl mahipalpur and constantly kiss her and kind of follow through with the kiss instead of doing this very soft kiss of course not saying you never do that there are a time and place for that but this is tip number one when you are with a girl. Don't just give me this soft because where she barely feels your lips I want her to feel it. OK. And I want you to know that she has to feel it. So don't be soft with it of course you know Don't jab your face into hers but make sure that she can really feel when you're kissing her again whether you're in a relationship or if you are just meeting a mahipalpur escorts girl. Now here's tip number two. I want to give you some spots that men really look over it that really turn a girl on when you're kissing right. .

If you're in a big make-out session or this is before you guys are going to have sex where are some good places to kiss a girl. The not so obvious places. Well one one is around the ear area. I've talked about this in other site before so maybe this is a repeat but it's good for you to know because I don't think I've ever met a girl who has not been turned on by kisses around the ear area. Now I know this is gonna be a little a little counter-intuitive or the opposite of what I said from the last tip but this might be a place where you do a softer or medium kiss just because this is one of those sensitive spots where when you do go soft it's going to turn her on more because it's like you're teasing her. OK. So in these areas you can go a little bit softer. Again this is going to be the ear the neck the area right here and then another one is going to be the forehead before the head is a great kiss to do during sex before sex when you guys are first dating in passing. And that kiss the forehead kiss. I want her to feel that one. So that's not going to be as much of a sensitive area but more of a comforting area where she can really feel it when you're kissing her. Here's my third tip for you. OK so there is a time and place for you to go slow. A time for you to go fast and even medium-paced because when you're kissing a girl there are all these different speed options right and a lot of guys want to know like do you go fast you go slow. You know you see like in movies that go slow but sometimes it's really passionate. What are you supposed to do when are you supposed to know? So let me give you an idea of how this works 70 to 80 percent of the time I want you to go slow.

You're never going to fault if you end up doing something slowly. No, I don't mean soft. I mean my first tip I said like you don't want to go too soft. It's not about it being soft again I'm talking about the pacing. So I want her to feel your lips on her when you guys are kissing. I want you to 75 to 80 percent of the time. Go slow. This is passionate. This is sexy. And because you're going slow it turns her on more because it's a little bit more of a tease. Now when do you go fast? What's that other you know 15 20 25 percent that's when you guys are usually right about to have sex or sometimes during sex so when things are starting to kind of escalate and get more hot and heavy between you and her that's when you can go fast. But here's the thing I would only do that for a little bit like save those really passionate times for just once in a while to make that special. And then like I said the rest of the time go nice and slow.
If you combine that concept with some of the places that I told you so you can kiss your lips then move to the ear move to the forehead and then also make sure that you can feel it. Boom you're going to be one of the best kissers that she's ever had and also along with this idea I got to throw in there and again I've said this before in other site but it's worth mentioning again that use tongue sparingly. So if I give you a ratio here I'd say 50 percent of the time you're using your tongues. That means the other 50 percent of the time when you're kissing her lips you're only using your lips and doing more of an open mouth kiss. ? It also makes it more special when you guys are getting hotter heavier and that's when it's more intense. So that means that I'm not saying 50 percent of all the times you kiss or use your tongue but at that moment in that one kiss that you guys do whenever that is 50 percent of the time you're using your tongue because it makes it more special that way.
You guys are just kind of touching each other and it's really intense. It's going to be kind of the same and it's not gonna be as special so you go back and forth back and forth. This is the dance of kissing. I go deeper into this in a program called hooked. There's an actual section where I talk about how to be able to turn her on when you guys are in the bedroom with each other so it makes her want to come back for more so you can be a master with her when you guys are getting it on. So this is a little section inside of hooked and you can get hooked and the whole program because there's more to that than just that little section it's all about how to attract and meet women so you can get that to get her hooked dot com there's always a link down the description below for you to go and check that out and learn more about how to turn on women in the bedroom outside the bedroom so that they become hooked on you it's going to get her hooked that Com check that out and I'll see you on the next article.

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