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#9 Most Beautyful Russian call girls in gurgaon

Gurgaon Escorts Service, Independent Call Girls Gurgaon. Please visit my website before contacting me OK guys this article is going to be awesome. But anyways you guys this article is I think it's going to be one of my favorite articles because these tips are perfect for you guys.
Number one. Be her friend. Yes I know you don't want to fall into the friend zone but being a girl's friend at first. Is really cool for a Russian escorts in Gurgaon be her friend and be flirty let her know you're kind of flirty but you're her friend kind of thing. Do you know what I mean. So in addition to being her friend you have to be like the best version of yourself. You don't have to be but it certainly helps if you're just like an awesome friend. You're fun to talk to. She can call you if she's bored at night. I mean stuff like that. I mean be the friend. It's fun. It's cool. It'll get you somewhere I think. But every relationship is different. So no one be her friend.
Number 2 one ask her lots of questions and make sure to listen guys.

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These are fundamentals that I'm asking you guys to do. gurgaon call Girls love to talk. And in addition to that we love to talk about ourselves. So guys if you just listen to what we talk about and you ask a lot of questions I mean you're like goals you are goals. If you do this you're going to really like this Russian call girls in gurgaon to listen to the random crap that she says I mean to my guy. I literally tell him the weirdest dreams that I have doubt anyone cares that he listens to them and that's what I love. Like there are many times that I literally talk out my ass. There is no reason for me to be talking about a certain topic. I mean it's just gossip or whatever it is I'd love to know that a guy is listening to whatever crap I'm saying. So be the listener.

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Number three show her you're interested. Show her sign that don't go crazy. Kind of like be flirty but not too flirty. Does that make sense. Probably not. But you know what I mean. So basically what I mean is don't chase after her but be a little flirty let her know hey I'm not going to chase after you. But looking kind of cute today and end it with that like leave her wanting more just like you look nice today and then she'll be like I am. And then you'll just be like. Yeah. You're not chasing her. But you're letting her know what's up. Why am I giving advice I hate when guys do this but it works and it's bad. So just show little signs.

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Try to stroke her cheek while you kiss her neck. This moment can be very sweet and pleasant if you see the situation as favorable. Try to separate your lips a little and kiss a skin in a more passionate and prolonged way. But remember you are not kissing her on the mouth so you should avoid doing the same movements and avoid using the tongue try biting the neck of your partner in a very sensual way with care and delicacy bites on the neck. Should not be done unless the situation encourages it. If done well little loved nibbles can be tremendously exciting.

Number four. Just ask her for a favor like hey like I want to pick up flowers for my mom would you come with me I needed a second opinion stuff like that. A little favor and it's just good bonding time. I remember some guy was like Hey can I need to get my car checked out. Can you come to the car place with me. And I did it and ended up being like the funnest date ever. So I don't know. Just ask her for a little favor for an Aaron like joining with. And but I really like the one like picking out flowers for your mom. I think that's like really sensitive to where it's like you care about your mom and you want to get her some pretty flowers and then you want the girl joining you so she can give a cute little opinion and then the girls like I want him to get me flowers and then it's just like this double thing. Oh my God. What if you got her rose that day to. God. I feel like I should say this because when I say make her work for you I don't want you to like make her a slave. But yeah you guys so it just make it your own life make it fun and you can. I mean do anything.

Gurgaon escorts agency Number five initiate competition. Friendly competition. Let's say we're at a party and you know you see her there you're kind of talking to her a lot. That's cool. But then spark up a conversation with another girl that isn't like trashy or anything just like just like talk and see what she's up to. Don't be like Hey can I sleep with you tonight. And then talk back to the girl that you actually want. Girls we are jealous creatures. And if we see you talking to another girl just having a conversation. Oh my God. We're going to claim our territory. We will find you and we will find her and we will make sure that she is out of the photo. I don't know. It's just a good way to know that you really care about someone if you're not really wanting someone else to have them. But don't overdo it with like flirting with another girl because it just makes you look like you don't really care about the actual Russian Girlsthat you're really wanting to be with and if you're just flirting with literally everything that walks it's a no no. It just won't work. So yeah just kind of spark up a conversation with someone else and if the girl seems like she's kind of upset by it or not upset but like jealous or kind of like wants you to give her more attention because she's really feeling you go then you know.

Number Six OK guys I'm pretty sure you knew this one was coming but be yourself here's the thing. If you want to be with this escorts in gurgaon girl she's going to see the best and worst parts of you might as well get an early start and just have her know the real person that you are. There have been so many days where I'm actually like no makeup feeling really hideous and like I'm in the worst mood. I mean I'm just like the ugliest part of myself. And then I see someone that still loves me at the end of the day and I not tell you how amazing of a feeling that is what even in a relationship if you can't be yourself. So be yourself be her friend get her to really know who you are and your relationship doesn't blossom from that at least you have a nice friendship some really good friends. So yeah it doesn't hurt to be totally real. And if a guy can be himself with a girl that is probably what gets a girl to go crazy for a guy.

These tips are chill. But. I mean there's still some games you're playing some games to get a girl to go crazy for you. And I mean worst case scenario you're just going to have to be yourself. And I don't know how it goes. So you guys I love you all. Thank you for Read this. And I hope it helps. Come on down below. If this was something that you loved if you like this advice but if you guys like this article give it a thumbs up. I kind of just want to make this from the heart.

These are actual things that guys have done to me. I've just been like oh so yeah I love you guys. Thank you for Read. And as always please make sure to subscribe it means a lot to me and it just motivates me to keep making amazing articles for you guys. So I hope you guys have so many successes with whatever relationships you guys get into. Let me know if any of these tips help. Bye guys. And I will see you in my next article.

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